About us

SPB TV is one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end OTT TV, IP TV and mobile TV solutions for video content delivery to multi-screen devices: mobile, tablet, desktop and TV. SPB TV solutions provide stable video delivery and playback across any wireless network, award-winning intuitive UI and effective monetization tools.

SPB TV solutions are integrated by large network operators and media companies, like Amedia, MTS, StarHub, Beeline, MegaFon and preinstalled by Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Fly and Rolsen.

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SPB TV provides comprehensive media platform for live and on-demand television that is optimized to deliver high quality video streams for basic and premium TV programming, and can be fully hosted to reduce IT overheads and improve ROI. The intuitive interfaces of SPB TV client solutions deliver engaging viewing experiences, significantly improving the subscriber’s perception of video services. To help partners to enhance the video service offer, SPB TV offers the premium entertainment content, aggregated from different content providers around the globe.

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SPB TV is a winner of many prestigious awards in multiple categories, including CSI Awards, Technology Europe STAR Award, Google Android Developer Challenges, Samsung bada Developer Challenges, Ovi Daily App of the Year, BlackBerry Supper Apps Challenge, and more, and today enjoys more than 30 million viewers around the world.

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Our Partners

  • Nash Football
  • Beeline
  • Tattelecom
  • Amedia
  • Megafon
  • MTS
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Our Principles

  • Openness and Involvement

    We are open to discussions and sharing ideas and knowledge. Our top-managers and technology experts will gladly share their expertise and give our partners a full understanding of the solutions that we offer. We are convinced that the most effective collaboration is based upon mutual awareness and personal trust, so we are ready to visit our partners wherever they are based, as well as to welcome them in our offices.

  • Quality and Accountability

    We make our decisions basing on the profound knowledge and hands-on experience, so we can ensure predictability and consistency of our results. We accept our individual and team responsibilities and always meet our commitments. In case any problems appear, we fix them without delay at all hours.

  • Flexibility and Personal Approach

    SPB TV is highly flexible, we don’t offer a mass product, but a tailored and carefully measured solution, specifically designed to fit the company’s needs. We collaborate with different companies all over the world, and we always make sure that SPB TV solution comes as a perfect match for the existing conditions, resources and demands. Our main goal is to enable our partners to take full advantage of their capabilities and to reach top performance.